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Summit Volunteer Program

Fire Tower Interpreter “Chores”

joe rocksVolunteer Interpreter Log Sheet

Hours on Summit (weather permitting): 10 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

You will be provided with information about where our Interpreter materials are being stored. Pick up the American flag and a small plastic box marked Azure Mountain Friends Interpretive Supplies. Take both items with you. Once at the trailhead parking lot take the plastic bag which contains a small notebook, ballpoint pens, observer cards, an AMF Interpretive Guide, and a small clipboard.  Also take (or bring from home) a garbage bag/s and a zip lock bag (to replace the one in the cab register if missing). Please leave the 3 ring loose leaf binder in your car; fill the log sheet out at day’s end upon returning to your car (or fill out one electronically HERE and email to Joe Berner when you get home).  Return both the flag and the box to the storage location.
Hang the "Interpreter on Summit Today" sign on the last pine tree on the left to the rear of the first parking lot.  (Look for an L shaped screw in the tree ‘highlighted’ by red rubber bands around its shaft.)  It can also be placed on the rock pile. Remember to collect it at day’s end.

The flag holder is located on the south side of the fire tower cab.  Be sure to fasten the cord at the bottom of the flag pole securely to the window frame divider.  This will prevent the flag from possibly plummeting to the ground in a high wind.

There are now five signs on the Mountain: “Take a Rock” on the rock pile in the parking lot, “Fire Tower Restored”  and the "Adopt-A-Natural-Resource" sign near the register, “Place Rocks Here” on the rock pile on the summit, and “Safe Fire Tower Capacity” on the Fire Tower.  Confirm all five signs are present.  Also, confirm that the register remains in the tower cab.  

Take a garbage bag with you and please pick up ANY litter seen on the trail including cigarette butts.  Hint: Suspicious globs of white paper can be picked up and bagged using the chopstick method.  Walk the summit trails at day’s end looking for any litter that can be brought down.  Also check the parking lot for litter before you depart. 

Greet people, enjoy the views, do some trail/summit/rock work, read a book, enjoy the day. Become familiar with the information in the Interpreter’s Guide. Don't forget to sign and hand out observer cards to any hikers interested in obtaining one. Alert people to our new web site: azuremountain.org! If you have questions or concerns please note them on your log page or contact Joe Berner.

IMPORTANT: The DEC now strictly prohibits the sale of any items on state land; they also prohibit accepting donations.  Patches ($3.00), Guide ($6.00) and T shirts ($15), plus postage, can now be ordered through this web site or by contacting Carolyn Kaczka.

Should you find that you are unable to fulfill your commitment, please contact Joe Berner or Mike McLean - perhaps a ‘substitute’ interpreter can be found.

We hope that your day was fun and rewarding!  Thanks for volunteering!!!!

VOLUNTEERS PLEASE NOTE: the following instructions have been provided by Ranger Jeff Balerno. "Under no circumstances should any of you put yourself in danger or in a confrontational situation with someone violating the law".

If you witness a serious violation, immediately contact Jeff at 518-891-0477 or the Ray Brook emergency dispatch at 518-891-0235. Use a cell phone or, if necessary, leave the summit and drive to the nearest phone (Deer Valley Trails is the nearest business). A Ranger or ECO will be on the scene as soon as possible.

Record license plate numbers, and states, that are in the parking lot.

Try to remember and record as many details as you can about the violators and the incident.

The Azure Mountain Friends, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization.