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Volunteer Summit Steward Program on Azure Mountain

joe B
When Ron Chorba of Winthrop climbed the mile long trail to the top of Azure Mountain located near St. Regis Falls in June of 2003, he launched an outdoor educational program that has grown with each passing year. He greeted 17 hikers who visited the summit on that warm spring day. Ron was the first official volunteer Summit Steward on Azure Mountain, and since that time more than 160 volunteer days have followed. Climbing this small northern New York mountain with its historic fire tower and spectacular views has been popular with families and individuals for many generations.
Azure Mountain Friends (AMF) is a group of individuals who are interested in helping others to appreciate and preserve this historical and natural site. Each year, the AMF seeks individuals who are willing to spend a weekend day on the summit during the period from Memorial Day through Columbus Day as a volunteer Summit Steward. Many North Country residents have enjoyed participating since 2003. Their tasks include monitoring the condition of the parking area, trail, tower, and summit; picking up litter; performing light trail work, putting the flag up on the tower; greeting hikers and providing educational information about the landmarks, history, and restoration of the tower.

No two days on the Azure summit are alike. Some are very busy, with hikers of all ages climbing the mountain, while other days are quiet when only a few hearty souls visit. On May 26, 2007, Volunteer Interpreter Carolyn Kaczka enjoyed a wonderful day on the summit greeting 59 hikers, viewing a helicopter fly closely by, listening to a White Throated Sparrow sing all day, and seeing various other birds and critters on the summit. While on the summit, Stewards have met hikers from Hawaii and Oregon, dudes with bongo drums, yoga enthusiasts, and taken photos of couples who have become engaged on the mountain. One of our student scholarship volunteers had 200+ Menonnites hike up - many of them barefoot! They've seen porcupines, bears, falcons, and turkey vultures. Whatever the day holds, it will surely offer memories to treasure.
mike &
How do people become volunteer Summit Stewards? If you enjoy the outdoors and meeting people, and if you can volunteer a day or two on a weekend this summer or early fall, contact Joe Berner with Azure Mountain Friends at 315-265-3184 or azurehiker@yahoo.com. If you are uncertain about what is required, arrangements can be made for a seasoned volunteer to work with you as a mentor.

If you'd like to volunteer,


We also have a couple of organized "work days" each year that involve things like trail maintenance, working on erosion control on the summit, painting and staining.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us

The Azure Mountain Friends, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization.