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jim camp
Azure Mountain Friends
June 13, 2002

Enclosed please find a personal check for $10.00, a donation to Azure Mountain Friends. Reading about your endeavor in Wed. June 12 edition of Plattsburgh Press brought back many fond memories.

From about summer 1948 or 9 to 1955, I had the pleasure of spending my summer vacations in St. Regis Falls with my grandmother, Jessie Ketcham and great-grandmother, Laura Camp. An annual highlight for my friends and me was a day trip picnic to Azure mountain and a climb to the tower. Gram’s nephew, Jim Camp was the forest ranger. He and his wife Liz never failed to give us a wonderful day of hiking.

Thank you for your efforts to help keep alive a great part of Adirondack history. Wishing you much success in completing your project.

Beth (Stafford) Enheitiger (?, sp.)

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