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wrightMay 5, 2002

Dear AMF,

We did look back and found the enclosed pictures of the top of Blue Mt. and one of the cabin. You may keep them. When I was about 10 years old (1948) I spent a few over night stays with Inez and Earl Johnson who lived at the cabin and manned the tower. I believe they came back to the Falls when winter really took hold. My parents, Rollin and Bertha Giffin were friends of a “crew” that used to play cards (“pitch” or high-lo-jack game) and they loved to gather for a weekend meal in the warm weather and then have a spirited (liquid as well as fun filled) game of cards. There would be Inez and Earl Johnson, Jim & Liz Camp, Pete & Madge Arcadi, Ella & Larry Haverstock. There was no electricity as I remember the lanterns, etc. Bathroom? I don’t definitely remember an out house but…. there was not flush toilet. I remember the pet squirrels and birds that they fed. I liked the woods and all that nature had to offer. I could always amuse myself.
We come to SRF every summer still and since my mother’s leaving there to come here with us in 1993, we stay at the campsite there, right across the river from our home. We will be at HUNTERS HOME in July (15-18). Stop and see us.

We enjoyed the brochure and reading the facts about the tower. It always was a nice outing to climb to the top – a nice attainable challenge for quite young families. Hiking trails abound right in our town and all over Connecticut. You need one there too!

Jeanne Giffin Wright

P.S. I am forwarding my extra copy to my borther Rollin Giffin III (Ronnie) who resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Jeanne Giffin Wright
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