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burnettApril 1, 2002

My wife and I have enjoyed climbing Azure Mountain since we were teenagers and would have the fun of going up in the tower where the ranger would point out landmarks to us. After we were married, we would bring our children up the mountain from the time they were toddlers. When they became older teenagers tey would hike up it in the winter or on a summer night by moonlight, camp out on the top, and get up early to watch the sunrise. We have seen it in every season and all kinds of weather. I especially remember one trip when the top was wrapped in clouds and a fierce wind was whipping rain drops against our faces.

I was a school teacher for 34 years , and most of those years, I brought a school group for a hike up azure. Many times we brought our church youth group up the mountain.

Yet, after all those times, to this day when I emerge from the brushy trail and turn by the tower to walk down toward the edge, I am still filled with awe, and my heart leaps with joy at the beauty of the panorama before me!

Dale Burnett

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