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Azure Art

These are some of the paintings I've done of or from Azure, or the surrounding area. I usually bring my oil paints or watercolors whenever I volunteer on the summit. Contact me if interested in any of these or visit my web site to see all my Adirondack paintings. Sandy

whiteface from azure
Whiteface from Azure 10/10/10

st regis from azure
St. Regis from Azure 7/08

alderbrook ponds
Alderbrook Ponds from Azure 7/08
whiteface from azure
Whiteface from Azure 5/08
azure panorama

azure panorama 1

Azure Panoramas 7/08
azure from the oxbow
Azure from the St. Regis River Oxbow
stregis from azure
St. Regis From Azure 6/05
look lake mt from azure
Loon Lake Mt. from Azure 6/03
st regis from azure
St. Regis from Azure, 10/03
azure from pinnacle
Azure from the Pinnacle 9/03
from azure
Azure Rocks, 10/03
azure flowers
Azure Wildflower Studies, 6/03
azure from st regis
Azure from St. Regis


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