A Near Ending .... A New Beginning

The Azure Mountain Friends group first met, on the summit of Azure Mountain, on September 30, 2001. This "grand re-opening" Restoration Celebration was held September 27, 2003 and included a summit ceremony as well as a hamburger/hotdog picnic and  presentations and displays at the St. Regis Falls Adult Center.

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The Azure Mountain Friends formally thank all their generous donors, workers, volunteer fire tower interpreters, the Department of Environmental Conservation, AARCH (the Adirondack Architectural Heritage), the Adirondack Mountain Club, students and teachers at St. Regis Falls Central School, the St. Regis Falls Volunteer Fire Department, the St. Regis Falls Community Band, the St. Regis Falls Historians Association, and all the committee members.

Azure Mountain, known locally as "Blue" Mountain, is located in the Town of Waverly, near the village of St. Regis Falls, New York.

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